Helping others through Business!

Helping others through Business!

Hey ya'll! 

Ok soooo this is my first shot at blogging. This is also my first business venture...first time opening up to the world about infertility....and sharing everything I can to help other small businesses! I could go on and on!

This isn't like every other Boutique. This one is so different. 

I'm sharing my personal story here. We had a two year journey full of pain and joy with infertility. I had 2 surgeries for stage 4 endometriosis, thrown into hormonal menopause, had 3 failed IUI's (Intrauterine Insemination) and went through IVF pretty much ALONE. It was so hush hush. We didn't share our pain. 

Fast forward to finally being blessed with our baby Addy! IVF worked for us! The Lord is so good! I started to share our story.

I wanted my Addy to look FABULOUS everyday and that's when Ally & Addy Boutique was born! I was asked so much about her outfits, I decided to start on a whole new journey. It just keeps evolving with God leading the way!

I felt a calling to bring in a group of wonderful women who have their own small businesses to join in with me. If I'm not personally handpicking the items here?! Then I'm making them OR other women are! 

I love to get causes out there that I believe in and that need some recognition to spread awareness. This world needs some love and positivity!

Now, Let's get this new adventure going! I hope you love what you see!



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